Alas for those that never sing, But die with all their music in them.
— Oliver Wendell Homes

Just Dance

19 Mar 2015 0 No tags
As a kid, I was full of jokes. In fact, a day never went by that I didn't find myself in the middle of a prank. I loved to smile, and I loved to laugh. But more than anything, I loved to dance. Unfortunately, somewhere along the journey, life stole that childlike innocence from me.  I no longer had time to laugh or dance as I was too busy trying to prove to the world around...
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Just Die Already

12 Mar 2015 2 , ,
I was young when my grandfather died so the exact details of that last hospital visit seem as distant as a foreign country. To my understanding, he suffered from a heart attack that subsequently left him holding on to life by way of machine. I was too young to make sense of the entire situation, but I knew my parents had a tough decision to make that day. As dark as...
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I’m Tired Of Life

Photo Credit: Sigurdur Bjarnason, Creative Commons

I'm tired. Not in a physical way. I only wish it was as simple as sleep deprivation. I'm tired on a deeper, emotional level. I'm tired of waking up plagued with the self–destructive thoughts that this might be all that there is—that I really am the sum total of my decisions in life. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm tired of telling myself that...
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Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.
— Mary Oliver

Words Changed Me

29 Jan 2015 8 , ,

Photo credit: Creative Commons 

Words have changed my life in a profound way. Whether they were spoken, read, or written, they have carried a notable and consistent weight that has either reinforced the walls where the dark monsters of my heart reside, or they have slowly stripped them away. Truthfully, in the moment, I haven't decided which is worse. Tear down the walls, unleash, and face the monsters...
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