15 Lessons That Shaped My Life In 2016

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With 2016 coming to a close, here are 15 lessons that I’ve learned over the year that have shaped my life in a profound way.

  1. Your life will always reflect the standard that you hold it to.
  2. There’s a stark difference between confidence that comes from your skill set or talent and the confidence that comes from knowing who you are.
  3. If you can’t celebrate another person’s victory, then you’re not qualified to experience the same measure of victory for yourself.
  4. Jealousy comes from a poverty spirit. Just because another person succeeds doesn’t reduce your chances of succeeding.
  5. Often times we look to discover in other people what we were meant to discover in ourselves.
  6. David was out in the field tending to his sheep when Samuel came to Jesse looking to find the next King of Israel. Something special happens when you steward your responsibility well.
  7. God isn’t waiting on you to make your life happen. God is waiting on you to take responsibility for your life so that He can make your life happen.
  8. Excuses kill more dreams than the lack of talent ever will.
  9. When Saul was announced King of Israel, scripture says that he was hiding with the luggage where the servants rested. We reject opportunities because we’ve built homes in the land of the familiar.
  10. Often times, we’re afraid to take the responsibility for our own lives because then we have to face our brokenness. The only reason why we’re afraid to face our brokenness is that we don’t know that we’re already fully accepted.
  11. We sabotage our own lives because we find fulfillment in fixing ourselves because we actually believe that our lives moving forward is predicated on us being good enough. God forbid if we don’t have a problem to solve.
  12. I don’t have to persuade God to move mountains on my behalf–He chose me. I already have the stamp of approval.
  13. If I refuse to face my reality, I also refuse the grace that is sufficient for me.
  14. You will always repeat the problems that you refuse to take responsibility for.
  15. There’s a big difference between serving because you’re looking for significance and serving because you know you’re significant.


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