I watch way too many romantic comedies. I can’t stop reading a book in the middle of a chapter. I often say that I would give up all my athletic talent to be able to play a musical instrument—preferably the cello. I’m learning to love writing. Working out is my art. I traded my NFL cleats for a mop and broom and started serving those around me. I fight fear and doubt daily. But most importantly, I’ve never been happier.


I was born and raised in Perryton, Texas–a small farming community in the Panhandle of Texas. (Shout out to all my 806 folks out there) I spent most of my childhood growing up on a farm where I was either sweeping away rocks on my dirt driveway so I could play basketball, retrieving eggs from a hen house, while simultaneously fighting off an evil rooster who was determined to peck my eyes out, or walking my pig in preparation for our local 4-H show.

No, seriously. I walked a pig.

I left the red dirt Texas roads and went on to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point. It was there, at West Point, where I fulfilled a childhood dream of playing college football and being selected in the 2008 NFL Draft. All the while, being commissioned as an Army officer.

If that’s the story you are looking for, you can find more about it in my media page.

After playing in the NFL for a couple of years and not really landing on a team, there were some burning questions inside of my unsettled heart that I had to answer. These questions eventually landed me here, in Fort Erie, Ontario, where I decided to trade my NFL cleats for a mop and broom and started serving those around me.

I spend most of my time now serving my church (which looks a lot like cleaning it) and serving the people of this region. (My vacuuming skills are officially unmatched.) I’m also a partner in a marketing and design firm located in Buffalo, New York.

This transition has not been an easy one, but I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

So, What Does This Mean For You?

If you haven’t noticed, we are a people made for purpose. We long to find it and we look in ever nook and cranny in search for it. Unfortunately, over time, many of us come up empty leaving us to believe that a purpose filled life is reserved only for a select few.

I get it.

I undoubtedly know what it’s like in life to have a desire in your heart, a clear vision to make it happen, and high hopes to keep you moving forward, but constantly finding yourself beating against what seems to be an impenetrable wall of fear and doubt.

On top of that, I know what it’s like to let go of the pursuit, to abandon everything you once thought you wanted, because you realized it would never deliver what it promised–a meaningful life.

Furthermore, I know what it’s like to start over in life with no plan and the vulnerability that comes with it. It’s scary, I understand.

This is a place where we learn to dream again and start the process of discovering the purpose we were made for–despite the setbacks and failures that we’ve experienced in life.

I hope that the words on these pages continually bless you and that you find yourself in my story.

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