Afraid of Being Exposed

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Every day I spent in the NFL, I was paralyzed by fear—the fear trying and failing. When I should have been studying my playbook, I purposefully didn’t. When I should have been watching film, I made every excuse why I couldn’t. Deep down, I knew that if I didn’t work as ...

It’s Not Who You Are

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We've all experienced it before. It comes and goes and leaves us feeling more empty than we were before. Sometimes, we can't explain it why or even how it happens. One moment we're good and the next, life as we once knew it has completely changed. If there is one message ...

Going Deeper

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God is always looking to increase our capacity to love Him and to be loved by Him. But, the reality is that to move into a deeper relationship with God first requires to let go of all the ways that we play God in our own lives.

I’ve Got That Joy

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Here's the thing about joy—you've got to give it away. The supernatural force that thwarts any and every plan of the enemy. You have to give it away. It can not be taken away from you unless you decide to give it away. It's your choice.