Why I Stopped

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Roughly four years ago, I walked away from the NFL and moved to Fort Erie, Ontario, as I was brazenly aware something had gone terribly wrong in my life—internally speaking. I was 25 years old and did everything that the world told me to do to live a successful life and I never felt so empty.

I knew if something didn’t change, and change quick, it was only a matter of time before I was another statistic on the evening news. 

Luckily, I had enough wisdom in my life to recognize that football, or all the stuff in life, wasn’t the issue and unless I took a detailed account of what was happening internally and embraced the process of change, the problem(s) that I was experiencing were only going to resurface time and time again.

For almost three years, I stopped everything so that I could really focus on the internal work that needed to be done. This season was arguably the most challenging time of my life but it radically transformed the way I see and experience the world which has changed the trajectory of my life. 

I walked away from the life that I had once dreamed about and in the process finally found something worth living for.

While I travel and speak often about this season of life, I’ve been really wanting to pull together everything that I’ve experienced these last few years and all of the purposeful growth that I intentionally pursued and birth some sort of a creative concept that accurately depicts it. 

With that being said, I’m getting ready to launch a new blog called “Why I Stopped.”

Why I Stopped is a collaborative blog where like-minded people have the opportunity to share their story of a season of life where they momentarily “stopped” to do some internal work as they recognized that we will always repeat the problems we are unwilling to take responsibility for—directly opposing the ego-centric, blame-shifting culture we know all too well.

More specifically, what if meaning and purpose wasn’t found by stepping into an external reality that we spend our lives chasing, but what if it revolved around an internal reality found only by examining and exposing the driving forces behind our lives?

In other words, asking questions we often tend to avoid and discovering the real why behind our pursuits.

The blog will consist of digital content (blogs & videos) as well as simple resources that empower and help facilitate the transformation a person desires to experience (meditation, goal setting, weekly after action reviews, ect)

Each post or piece of content would allow the contributor to talk about a personal experience that they’ve seen victory in and verbalize any valuable insight or wisdom for the reader to consume as we recognize that we can’t take someone where we’ve never been before or give away something that we don’t first possess.

To learn more and to be notified when the new blog releases, please subscribe by clicking here: https://goo.gl/RkdQPW


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